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Aneros Peridise Set: Unisex Handsfree Anal Pleasure Kit

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Aneros Peridise Set: Unisex Handsfree Anal Pleasure Kit


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So cool love it

2 is better than one...

Product Details

Name: Aneros Peridise Set: Unisex Handsfree Anal Pleasure Kit
Price: $19.99
Manufacturer: High Island Health-aneros
Weight: 0.16 lbs
Item model number: EOP9876-43
UPC: 894757001973
Collections: Butt Plugs
Average rating: 5.0 based on 1 review(s)

Product Description

Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulators are uniquely designed to enhance male sexual pleasure through precise prostate stimulation. These devices stand out in the market as the only ones with a patented design specifically crafted to target the prostate, or Male G-Spot, effectively.
The devices feature a self-pivoting mechanism that not only focuses on the prostate but also exerts pleasurable pressure on the perineum. This dual action is engineered to result in powerful and intense orgasms. Aneros is recognized as a premier brand in male sex toys, celebrated for its meticulous attention to detail and quality in construction, ensuring a superior experience for its users.
1. What types of products does Aneros specialize in?
Aneros specializes in both unisex and male-specific anal and prostate stimulators, focusing on enhancing sexual health and pleasure.
2. Are there variations or special editions of the Aneros products available?
Yes, Aneros offers special editions such as the MGX Syn Trident Series in silicone and a blue-colored version specifically designed for prostate stimulation.
3. What other products does the brand Aneros offer?
Aneros offers a variety of anal stimulators including a complete set of Peridise stimulators, a stainless steel version, and several prostate stimulators designed for male G-spot stimulation.

- Experience unisex handsfree anal pleasure like never before
- Designed to work in harmony with your body's natural contractions
- Each piece in the set of two is highly responsive, effectively amplifying any erotic encounter

The Aneros Stimulator distinguishes itself from traditional prostate massage methods primarily through its unique design and user experience. Traditional prostate massages typically require manual manipulation either by oneself or a partner.

In contrast, the Aneros is engineered to be used independently without the need for ongoing manual intervention. It leverages the body's natural movements, activated by anal kegel exercises, to deliver a targeted massage to the prostate.

The design features a self-pivoting mechanism that responds to these muscle contractions, effectively and directly massaging the prostate gland, referred to as the Male G-Spot, along with simultaneous external stimulation of the perineum.

This dual action not only ensures comprehensive stimulation but also enhances the user's comfort and freedom to experiment with various positions without external assistance.

Moreover, the Aneros is a result of extensive medical research and incorporates advanced knowledge of human anatomy and ancient techniques related to pleasure centers.

This strategic design allows it to contact and stimulate multiple erogenous zones simultaneously, offering a holistic experience that traditional methods may not provide. Notably, it performs this complex function while remaining hands-free, which is a significant advancement over the conventional approaches requiring manual effort.

Discover the Aneros Peridise Prostate Stimulators, an innovative product set designed as a stimulating device and a gateway to heightened sensations and unforgettable experiences.

Each stimulator is expertly crafted to target the P-spot, providing a specialized approach to prostate exploration that ensures both beginners and advanced users can achieve powerful, intense prostate orgasms.

Designed for easy introduction and comfortable use, these stimulators work in perfect harmony with your body’s natural contractions to deliver hands-free anal pleasure. The patented design utilizes your body’s natural peristaltic movements to enhance sensations, offering freedom of movement for an experience like no other.

Despite their ultra-small profile, each piece in this set of two is highly responsive, effectively amplifying any erotic encounter. Embrace a new world of unisex hands-free anal pleasure with this exceptional set, making them the perfect companion for any intimate moment.

Elevate your intimate experiences with the Aneros Peridise Prostate Stimulators, each designed to provide powerful and orgasmic sensations every time.

What do you get?

A set of two Aneros Peridise Prostate Stimulators. These devices are specifically designed to facilitate and enhance prostate exploration comfortably and effectively. They feature a patented design that leverages the body’s natural movements to intensify sensations, making them suitable for users at different experience levels, from beginners to the more advanced. The stimulators aim to provide an unparalleled experience in achieving intense prostate orgasms.

The Aneros Peridise Unisex Anal Stimulator is constructed from FDA-approved Acetal plastic, which is a non-porous material. This makes it safe for body and fluid contact. For maintenance, it is recommended to apply a water-based lubricant during use for enhanced comfort.

Post-use, the stimulator should be washed with a gentle soap and water. Alternatively, a Toy Cleaner can be used for a faster cleaning process. It is advised to store this toy separately from other sex toys to maintain its condition.

Indulge in a world of unexplored pleasure with the Aneros Peridise Set - Pack of 2. This innovative product is not just a stimulating device; it's a gateway to heightened sensations and unforgettable experiences.

The Aneros Peridise Set - Pack of 2 is designed to provide unisex hands-free anal pleasure that works in perfect harmony with your body's natural contractions, ensuring powerful and orgasmic sensations every time. Whether you're an experienced user chasing the elusive Super O or a newcomer tentatively exploring new realms of pleasure, this set guarantees a range of unique sensations that will leave you craving more.

Each piece in the set of two is highly responsive, effectively amplifying any erotic encounter. Despite their ultra-small profile, these pieces deliver intense pleasure, making them the perfect companion for any intimate moment. The Aneros Peridise begins to quiver autonomously once inserted, utilizing your body's natural movements to generate an intense orgasmic response.

This can either stand alone as a new peak of pleasure or enhance traditional climaxes. The two-piece set includes stimulators with dimensions tailored for comfort and effectiveness: the first has a tip width of 18 mm or .7 inch, while the second features a 22 mm or .866 inch wide tip. Both have an insertable length of 4 inches and a base width of 1.875 inches, designed for comfortable and extended anal play sessions.

These subtle sensations build into powerful orgasms and even the coveted Super O, making the Aneros Peridise Unisex Anal Stimulator perfect for enhancing your intimate experiences. Enhance your pleasure game and unlock a new level of satisfaction with the Aneros Peridise Set - Pack of 2.

It's not just a product; it's an invitation to discover a world of pleasure that knows no bounds. Elevate your intimate experiences and embrace a new world of unisex hands-free anal pleasure with this exceptional set.